The 35th Anniversary of the Foundation of Bangkok Metropolitan Administration’s City Law Enforcement

(September 1, 2020) Mr. Sakoltee Phattiyakul, Deputy Governor of Bangkok, presided over the oath making ceremony on the occasion of 35th Anniversary of the Foundation Day of Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) City Law Enforcement Officer.

Activities in this commemorating event includes blood donations of more than 500 City Law Enforcement Department’s personnel at the mobile blood donation unit of Rajavithi Hostpital. Merit making and alms giving ceremony was organized to dedicate merits to City Law Enforcement personnel who passed away. Also, the ceremony aimed to bring good luck and propitiousness to and to raise spirits and morale of the City Law Enforcement Officers. Then, the oath making ceremony of the BMA City Law Enforcement Officers was held to show solidarity and readiness in performing duties to take care of people’s well-being. After that, the certificate presentation ceremony was held to present certificates to 36 City Law Enforcement Officers who have done good deeds, had good behaviors, and exerted their best efforts to their works with morality and ethics. In the afternoon, another ceremony was held to present certificates and presents to 92 City Law Enforcement Officers and personnel who retired in this fiscal year.

The Deputy Governor of Bangkok said that the BMA City Law Enforcement Department is one of the BMA agencies who plays important role and has duties in driving the BMA missions for success. At present, the BMA needs to adjust and adapt to the changes in digital era. Performance of duties of the BMA City Law Enforcement Officers is crucial and challenging in responding to the need of the public by providing good and high quality public services, maintaining city orderliness, taking care of the public security and people’s well-being, and making Bangkok the livable metropolis.

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