Thais Muslim have been urged to follow the announcement of the Sheikhul Islam in order to control the spread of COVID-19

Pol. Lt. Gen. Sopon Pisuttiwong, Deputy Governor of Bangkok, presided over the meeting of the BMA’s Center for COVID-19 Situation Administration, No. 23/2020.

The meeting had requested the district offices to inform Thai Muslims to acknowledge the Sheikhul Islam Announcement on Preventive Measures Against the Spread of COVID-19 because it will be the beginning of Ramadan next week and there will be the religious activities of a large number of Muslims. The announcement urges Thai Muslims to stop Friday prayer or Jumu’ah prayer at the mosques and may perform Dhuhr prayer for four rakʿah at their residents instead.

The mosque administrators may conduct group prayer at the mosque with only 5 people each time, and there may be a distance of at least 2 meters for each prayer row in order to keep social distancing. Any group activities and mass gatherings, namely any islamic charity events of the mosques, foundations, associations, and clubs, daily, weekly, and monthly preaching, Da‘wah practices in any mosques or other places, religious group classes (Qoran and Compulsory Religion) are prohibited and supposed to be replaced by private lessons organized by their parents at home.

Wedding ceremonies shall be canceled or postponed until the situation becomes better, or it would be allowed if the wedding receptions are consisted of not exceeding 10 people. For further information please visit the website of the Islamic Affairs Committee of Bangkok Metropolis or Thus, the spread of COVID-19 may be controlled in the small circles.

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