Set up a Data Center for COVID -19

Bangkok Metropolitan Adminitration (BMA) releases the situation of Covid-19 in Bangkok Mrs.Silapasuai Rawisaengsun,  Permanent Secretary for BMA revealed that Bangkok set up a “Coronavirus 2019 Infection Disease Prevention Data Center, Bangkok” or “COVID -19 Bangkok Data Center” to integrate information, solving the problem of Covid-19 Of Bangkok in the same direction with unity that will help those understand correctly in disease prevention and controls,  reduce a panic in untrue news. As well as to build confidence in any measures of BMA to solve the problems and to reduce the loss of lives and property of people

The Data Center will be located in the Chao Phraya Room, Bangkok City Hall (Giant Swing) and there will be a meeting to monitor the disease situation including the operations of departments under the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration; every day at 13.30 hrs. If there is any important information, a press conference will be held for publishing to the public. Coronavirus 2019 Infection Disease Prevention Data Center, Bangkok is responded by the Governor of Bangkok as a consultant of the Data Center. The Deputy Governor of Bangkok (Pol.Lt.Gen. Sophon Phisutthiwong) is the director of the Data Center. The Permanent Secretary for Bangkok is the manager of the Data Center. The Deputy Permanent Secretary of Bangkok and the Bangkok’s Spokespersons Team is the assistant manager of the Data Center. The Head of the Government Departments concerned is the operation team. The Director of Public Relations Office is the operation team and secretary.

In order to collect and coordinate the information from the departments of Bangkok, the other government agencies and the related private sectors. To produce public relations medias and publishing the correct information in all channels promptly. For the unity and to build the confidence among the public. As well as explaining to the public and the private sector to cooperate in compliance with the law and surveillance measures and prevention of the disease, Covid-19, etc.

In this regard, the publishing of the news, the situations and the operations of BMA related to COVID-19 disease must be approved by the COVID-19 Bangkok Data Center that Pol.Lt.Gen. Sophon and the Permanent Secretary of Bangkok as the main key or occasionally may assign a spokesperson or any other person giving the information from time to time.

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