Second lot of quarantined cases completed 14 days at the BMA’s Local Quarantine Center was delivered back home

On 18 April 2020, at 09.00 a.m., Mrs. Wantanee Wattana, Deputy Permanent Secretary for the BMA, discharged the second group of 27 people who returned from abroad via land border and completed their 14-day quarantine at the BMA’s Local Quarantine Center together with the certification letter of 14-day quarantine, two fabric face masks, two bottles of alcohol-based hand sanitizing gel, two bottles of alcohol spray, and a handbook on how to behave after going back home for each case.

The BMA has provided Local Quarantine facilities in order to place the people who traveled across the international border to observe and monitor for the symptoms of COVID-19 for 14 days. Initially, there were people travelling across from Sa Kaew Province border, and were transferred to Bangkok to have self-quarantine for 2 times – first group arrived on 1 April 2020, with the total of 76 people, all returned home safely and the second group arrived on 3 April 2020, with the total of 27 people, scheduled to be released on 18 April 2020 and all of them tested negative for COVID-19.

The Deputy Permanent Secretary for the BMA said that those who passes the quarantine are considered as normal people with good health and no COVID-19 infection as normal people in the area. Therefore, cooperation is requested from everyone to welcome the said people back to community with hospitality, not to discriminate or disgust them, as they have sacrificed their freedom in order to strictly follow the government measures and collaborated well under 14 days observation of quarantine period.

By the way, the BMA would like everyone to take good care of health and carefully follow the measures such as keeping social distancing on every activities, washing hands frequently, avoiding touching face, eyes, mouth, and nose as well as always wearing face mask. If there is any question regarding health, please contact public health center located near your house.

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