Report a breach of COVID-19 control measures of business establishments

(September 8, 2020) Pol.Lt.Gen. Sopon Pisuttiwong, Deputy Governor of Bangkok, revealed that, due to the case of the first locally transmitted infection in Bangkok, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) assigned all concerned organizations and agencies, especially the Inspection Team of Working Group on Coordination for the Maintenance of Orderliness, to campaign for and publicize the prevention and control measures for COVID-19 prescribed by the Government in order to raise awareness among the public and business establishments.

The general public are urged to strictly comply with the measures, especially the use of Thai Chana application and platform and take into the consideration the density of customers. In the past, the BMA has ordered the closure of at least 2 business establishments because they did not prepare for, give advice, and encourage customers to use the Thai Chana application and platform to check-in at the venues. Some establishments allowed too many customers to get in and caused overcrowding. The BMA also publicized to stop drinking from the same glass or drinking using straws from the same mixed beverage bucket which is the main cause for COVID-19 transmission.

The BMA also requested the general public to watch over business establishments and report the breach of COVID-19 control measures of business establishments, especially entertainment venues that do not provide Thai Chana QR-Code or do not urged the customers to check in via Thai Chana application or platform. If the breach is found, please call BMA hotline 1555 or “Line@AswinKlaiTuk”, can make a search in Line Application by typing “@aswinbkk”.

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