Push forward towing of abandoned vehicles, informants can have half of the collected fines

(August 26, 2020) Mr. Sakoltee Phattiyakul, Deputy Governor of Bangkok, had a site visit to monitor the organization of abandoned damaged and inoperable vehicles parking on the roads and streets or public areas in Chatuchak District.

The Deputy Governor of Bangkok said that Pol.Gen. Aswin Kwanmuang, Governor of Bangkok gave the policy to all responsible agencies to pay more attention to the orderliness of the city and strictly cope with the problem of abandoned damaged and inoperable vehicles parking on Bangkok streets and public areas in the wake of numerous public complaints. This obstructs the traffic and can lead to problem of public safety and security in case of sabotage.

The site visit today is to follow up the towing of abandoned damaged and inoperable vehicles in Chatuchak District. This is the 3rd site visits to strictly monitor and carry out the removing of abandoned vehicles in Bangkok metropolitan area.

Initially, the BMA has identified 400 abandoned vehicles that had so far been found in Bangkok area. The BMA City Law Enforcement Department had also conducted a survey and found additional 126 abandoned vehicles, totaling 526 vehicles in the database and needed to be removed. The BMA has already towed 337 vehicles, while the other 333 vehicles were removed by the owners.

The survey found that there are 33 abandoned vehicles in Chatuchak District. The District Office has posted the announcement to move the abandoned damaged and inoperable vehicles from the area and interrogated the people living in the neighborhood to confirm and attest that the abandoned vehicles have long been illegally parked and the owners are nowhere to be found before towing and removing.

The BMA requested for cooperation from the public, in case the abandoned damaged and inoperable vehicles are found, to inform City Law Enforcement Section of all district offices. Informants are eligible for half of the fine money if authorities can locate and collect from the vehicle owners.

At any rate, the law prescribed that there shall be an attempt to trace the owner by posting announcement searching for the owner for 15 days. If the owner is nowhere to be found, the BMA will tow the damaged and inoperable vehicles and store them at the place provided by the district office. If the owner shows up and contacts district office, he or she must pay fine. If no one claims the ownership of the vehicle, the BMA will impound it. Abandoned damaged and inoperable vehicles will be kept for about six months and Directors of District Office have power and duty to auction them off.

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