Proactive screening measure to seek COVID-19 infected cases

Mrs. Silapasuai Rawisaengsun, Permanent Secretary for BMA, revealed that the BMA has coordinated with related departments for proactively screening of the symptomatic and asymptomatic infected cases in order to isolate them from their communities and provide proper treatment to reduce chances of spreading the virus in the rainy season.  Moreover, it is an opportunity for publicizing all respiratory disease patients to enter the COVID-19 screening system. Many sectors worried that when entering the rainy season, the spread of COVID-19 may become more intense again. Furthermore, people are urged to dispose of used surgical masks in the proper way, especially the used ones contaminated with mucous or rain-drop and dispose them in plastic bags without reuse.

For the management of face mask waste, the BMA has waste managing procedures for the used face masks.  At present, special bins labelled “For Used Masks Only” are provided to facilitate the public in disposing the used face mask at 50 district offices, 69 public health centers, 11 BMA affiliated hospitals, and Bangkok City Hall 1 and 2. All special bins have been placed in highly visible area with strict supervision to prevent the disposal of other wastes and stealing of used masks for reuse.

The district offices will collect used face masks from the special bins and transport to be incinerated at On Nut and Nong Khaem Garbage Disposal Plants.

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