Permanent Secretary for the BMA orders all BMA agencies to prepare for monsoon in September – October 2020

(September 3, 2020) Mrs. Silapasuai Rawisaengsun, Permanent Secretary for the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) informed that, according to the weather forecast of the Thai Meteorological Department, September to mid-October 2020 is the period that heavy rain will be scattered throughout Bangkok Metropolis and vicinity.

The BMA has strongly advised all related agencies to prepare for the heavy rains in order to prevent and solve the problemand alleviate public grievance as well as to facilitate the public. The related agencies shall implement as follows: 1.Drainage and Sewerage Department monitors and cooperates with other related agencies, reports weather conditions and updates, and prepares tools and equipment, pumps, and personnel who can promptly go to the area with flood problem; 2. Public Works Department prepares and supports tools and equipment to the Drainage and Sewerage Department and district offices; 3. Fire and Rescue Department prepares fire engines, rescue equipment and officers for providing assistance to the public as well as prepares for providing support for the public such as relief packages; 4. City Law Enforcement Department provides patrol cars with officers to assist people in flooded areas and facilitates to flow of traffic in the area;

5. Traffic and Transportation Department inspects and fixes inoperative or malfunctioning traffic lights to be in normal state, and uses CCTV to inspect the areas to find if there is flood, felled trees, damaged signboards and billboards, and damaged roads. In these cases, the Traffic and Transportation Department must inform related agencies to solve the problems without delay; 6. Mechanical Workshops Divisionof Finance Department provides Engine Repairing Unit to help people by coordinating with District Offices and provides support in terms of tools, equipment, and personnel to Drainage and Sewerage Department, Public Works Department, and District Offices as requested; and 7. District Offices prepares the Best Unit or rapid mobile service and sends out City Law Enforcement Officers to help people in facilitating the traffic flow and if the felled trees or signboards, the officers must immediately solve the problem.

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