Governor Aswin visits BMA schools and follow up COVID-19 containment measures

On 1st July 2020, Pol.Gen. Aswin Kwanmuang, Governor of Bangkok, visited BMA’s affiliated schools to follow up measures to contain the outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) on the reopening day of the first semester of the 2020 academic year at Prachaniwet School and Mathayom Prachaniwet School in Chatuchak District.

Due to the outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has been prepared and provided COVID-19 containment measures of BMA’s affiliated schools. Main measures for safety are as follows: 1) screen students, teachers, personnel, and all visitors, 2) call for cooperation from students, teachers, personnel, and all visitors to wear surgical face masks at all times while in schools, 3) provide sufficient handwashing stations with soap and alcohol, 4) practice physical/social distancing while having teaching and learning activities, 5) clean all surfaces commonly touched by many different people frequently, 6) refrain from organizing any activities that lead to mass gathering of students, 7) provide trainings for all school’s teachers to have knowledge on sanitation and hygiene care, 8) have communication channels with parents for fast coordination, and 9) call for cooperation from parents in prevention of the disease.

The following are safety measures for traveling to schools: 1) In case that students travel by commuter vans that pick up and drop off students, drivers must wear surgical face masks and clean all the seats every time before picking up and dropping off students. 2) In case that the parents send students to schools, waiting area in front of school for parents and temperature screening point must be provided.  3) In case that students go to school by themselves, they must wear surgical face masks, comply with measures provided by mass transportation service providers such as physical/social distancing, and wash their hands every time when arriving schools. Regarding screening point for students, the screening must be conducted at school’s entrance by observing basic symptom or using forehead infrared thermometer and providing signs for those who passed the screening such as sticker, stamp and others as appropriate. Moreover, handwashing equipment must be provided such as alcohol-based hand sanitizer gel at the school’s entrance and soap must be provided at hand wash basins.

If any students are found to be sick (having symptoms such as fever, cough, sneeze, and shortness of breath/difficulty breathing), teachers must separate them from other students. While waiting for their parents to pick them up, students must be brought to wait in the room with good ventilation.  The teachers must inform their parents to bring students to see a doctor or transfer them to hospital for further treatment.

Moreover, the BMA has allocated City Law Enforcement Officers to facilitate the traffic management and safety for students of all 437 BMA’s affiliated schools every day under the School Zone…Safety Zone Project.

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