Follow up of COVID-19 measures and new normal education in BMA schools

On 8th July 2020, Mrs. Wallaya Wattanarat, Deputy Permanent Secretary for the BMA, visited BMA’s affiliated schools to follow up the preventive measures against the spread of the coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19).

BMA’s affiliated schools have provided strict COVID-19 preventive measures such as to set screening point to check body temperature before entering school, to provide handwashing stations with alcohol-based sanitizer gel at various spots, to practice social/physical distancing, and to have all students and education personnel wear surgical face masks at all times.

In terms of safety monitoring, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has implemented the project called “School Zone Safety Zone” by allocating City Law Enforcement Officers to facilitate traffic management and safety in front of schools.

Moreover, the Deputy Permanent Secretary for the BMA also inspected Breakfast for Students Project in which the schools placed screens on dining tables for safety and prevention of disease transmission.

The Deputy Permanent Secretary for the BMA reiterated that all students and education personnel strictly comply with safety measured prescribed by the BMA. They must always wear surgical face masks when going out, frequently wash their hands every time before and after doing any activities and apply social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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