First lot of 75 quarantined cases at the BMA’s Local Quarantine Center tested negative and have been allowed to go back home

Mr. Sakoltee Phattiyakul, Deputy Governor of Bangkok, discharged 75 returnees from the land border, who finished their 14-day quarantine at the BMA’s Local Quarantine Center. He also gave them the certification letter of 14-day quarantine, 2 fabric face masks, 2 bottles of hand-sanitizing gel, 2 bottles of alcohol spray, and a handbook on how to behave after going back home to boost their morale.

The Deputy Governor of Bangkok said that the BMA’s Local Quarantine Center scheduled to release the first quarantined group by today (16 April 2020) with a total of 75 people, consisting of 38 men and 37 women. The Physical Health Examination Results found that all of them tested negative for COVID-19 and can return home safely. He also emphasized that they all have to beware of their health continuously while they are staying at home.

There are 27 people in the second quarantined group, consisting of 15 men and 12 women and all of them were tested negative for COVID-19.  They will finish their 14-day quarantine on 18 April 2020. The BMA has prepared the additional quarantine facilities for the COVID-19 risk groups. For example, the persons who stay in the same house with the former infected persons with too limited space to practice physical distancing appropriately. The Deputy Governor of Bangkok would like all citizens to be assured that the BMA has provided the suitable and adequate quarantine facilities for all risk group and infected persons. Besides, the BMA would like to thank all quarantined persons for their understanding and sacrifice and we all will overcome this crisis together.

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