Expedite elimination of damaged and abandoned vehicles parking on public space

(August 13, 2020) Mr. Sakoltee Phattiyakul, Deputy Governor of Bangkok, revealed that 50 district offices are assigned to make a survey on the number of abandoned damaged and inoperable vehicles parking on the roads and streets or public areas and to tow or remove them using authorization under the related laws. There are numerous and incessant complaints from the public reporting a nuisance caused by people who park and abandon their damaged and inoperable vehicles in many areas. Initially, it is estimated that there are more than 400 abandoned vehicles. Moreover, the district offices are instructed to find out the place to temporarily keep the damaged and inoperable vehicles. Regarding the tools for towing these vehicles (tow trucks), in the beginning, City Law Enforcement Department is assigned to coordinate with Mechanical Workshops Division under Finance Department to be in charge of this matter. In the long run, the request for budget allocation will be submitted to the BMA executives for the procurement of tow trucks and other related tools and equipment for the use of district offices.

Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) requests for cooperation from the people, who are the owners of damaged and inoperable vehicles parking on public areas which obstruct roads, traffic and pedestrians and cause trouble to the public, to move their vehicles. In addition, if the abandoned damaged and inoperable vehicles are found, please inform City Law Enforcement Section of the district offices. If the report leads to the arrest and fine collection, those who reported the case will receive half of the collected fine similar to the report on the case of riding motorbikes on pavement

At any rate, the law prescribed that there shall be an attempt to trace the owner by posting announcement searching for the owner for 15 days. If the owner is nowhere to be found, the BMA will tow the damaged and inoperable vehicles and store them at the place provided by the district office. If the owner shows up and contacts district office, he or she must pay fine. If no one claims the ownership of the vehicle, the BMA will impound it. Abandoned damaged and inoperable vehicles will be kept for about six months and Directors of District Office have power and duty to auction them off.

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