Discussion with networks and pilot districts, creating good health condition for Bangkok residents

(August 20, 2020) Pol.Lt.Gen. Sopon Pisuttiwong, Deputy Governor of Bangkok, opened the network consultation meeting on creation of good health condition for Bangkok residents. The meeting aim to encourage public participation process among network partners from government sector, civil society, academic sector, private sector, and the generalpeople, so that they have a significant role and express their ideas in the formulation of public policy at the area level. This will lead to knowledge and innovation development to enhance the better health of district areas.

12 potentially piloting districts include Din Daeng District, Wang Thonglang District, Bang Kho Laem District, Sai Mai District, Don Mueang District, Lat Phrao District, Bueng Kum District, Lat Krabang District, Thon Buri District, Khlong San District, Bang Bon District, and Thung Khru District.

Deputy Governor of Bangkok mentioned that this project is the collaboration of network partners from various organizations and agencies. They all share the same goal which is to make Bangkok residents heathier and happier. As each agency has responsibility in caring for public health, if they do not collaborate, the real community problems cannot be responded and solved. Therefore, community representatives are invited to join in the discussion, as a significant stakeholder, to address the problems and needs of the communities for the utmost benefit of the general public and to meet the international standards.

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