Define practice guidelines of BMA schools in preparedness for reopening of semester on 1st July

On 22ndJune 2020, Pol.Capt. Pongsakorn Kwanmuang, the BMA Spokesman, revealed that, on 1st June 2020, all 437 BMA’s affiliated schools will be reopened for the new semester. The teaching and learning methods used at present will focus on allowing children to go to school as much as possible under the preventive and control measures, such as social/physical distancing, screening points before entering schools, and the limitation of the number of students per class.  Moreover, there are about 92 – 120 schools that need to set staggered teaching and learning hours in order to minimize the chance that students meet each other.

The schools were asked for cooperation in cancelling all activities that provide opportunity for group gathering, such as morning assembly to pay respect to the national anthem and any activities that need shouting and speaking loudly.  Anyhow, young children attending the first year of kindergarten to 3rd grade of the primary school still need the full-scale learning at school, while the older children in 4th grade of primary school to 12th grade of secondary/high school need to change teaching and learning methods together with online learning or other methods.  If the situation becomes better within one month, the older children can normally go to school.

However, as the basic principles for containing the outbreak, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration will apply the same principles used for the Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease.  If one child was found infected, the class will be closed. If more children were found infected, the class level will be closed. If the infection is found in more than one class level, the school will be closed.

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