Continue to develop the Bangkok library. Create a complete, modern learning resource.

            Mrs. Silpasuay Raweesangsul Permanent Secretary for Bangkok, revealing guidelines for organizing creative spaces for the learning and progress of the development of learning libraries in Bangkok that Bangkok has given importance to floor arrangement creative for learning. By adjusting the library landscape And use modern technology for knowledge management Under the policy of the development of the quality of life of children, youth and citizens promoting reading And lifelong learning. Which will promote the development of the city potential to be able to keep up with the economic competition and be a learning metropolis. In which Bangkok has promoted effective learning resources. To cover all areas of Bangkok and promote activities for education and learning both in the formal and informal systems for life. The Bangkok Learning Library is considered an important source of learning. In searching for knowledge both inside and outside the system. By promoting educational and cultural activities for people of all ages, so that people can use their free time to benefit resulting in lifelong learning processes and contribute to improving the quality of life for people. Which the Bangkok Library for Learning Designed and decorated as a new image library. With modern learning technology that is comprehensive, convenient, fast, allowing users to receive knowledge and information that meets their needs in a relaxed atmosphere. Ready to provide search services with information technology systems, Internet, there is a one-stop service for borrowing and returning books and there are also various and continuous reading promotion activities. To make the library a part of sustainable social and community life.

Permanent Secretary for Bangkok said further that the progress of library development for learning of

Bangkok Office of Culture, Sports and Tourism has set targets, planned operations and perform support continuously support reading and learning policies for children, youth, and the public. To meet the reading and learning needs of the people of Bangkok as follows. Improve and create a new library system to be modern. And can connect Can contact all 36 locations. Which is ready to open for service in August 2020 when the system is finished will be able to connect to the database of all libraries in Bangkok. Which can be borrowed and returned through a library near your home or convenient. There is no need to come to receive service at the point of borrowing. Automatic borrowing device is purchased for service. Currently the service has started at the Bangkok Metropolitan Library. Including creating domains for services and activities to continuously promote outside learning and support lifelong education at the Bangkok Metropolitan Library. By providing services everyday (Closed on Mondays and public holidays). In the city library has an area to create learning. Co-working space for group activities and have modern equipment to operate Continue operating. There is a creative and modern exhibition zone. In the future. Bangkok has partnered with network partners such as Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University in the development and improvement of the E-booking system, the university has supported the creation of media and systems. The library under the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration will bring the system to apply To manage learning resources So that people can access the knowledge anywhere, anytime, 24 hours a day.

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