Brainstorming idea to restore coastline and mangrove forest in Bang Khun Thian

(August 10, 2020) Mr. Sakchai Boonma, Deputy Governor of Bangkok, had a field visit to monitor the progress of mangrove afforestation at Bang Khun Thian beach in the Plant a Forest in Your Heart under the King’s Philosophy project which has been implemented by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) from 2016 to 2020 in order to increase mangrove afforested plots of land at Bang Khun Thian beach. At present, the 220 rai (0.352 km2) of mangrove has been planted.

Moreover, the Deputy Governor of Bangkok followed up the experiment on planting mangrove saplings inside of a bamboo tube at the experimental plantation. As, at present, temperature of the muddy soils and water at the plantation is quite high, bamboo tubes can act as a shield to protect bases and roots of the mangroves which will increase the survival rate and growth rate of the saplings.

However, the plantation plots located next to the sea have direct impact from the sea waves. Consequently, mangroves planted in this area are likely to grow too slowly. In the past, this problem had been addressed and solved by installing electricity posts to block waves in front of bamboo-pole fence and then installing bamboo poles at the back as barriers to dissipate waves and prevent coastal erosion caused by sea waves.

Moreover, in the meeting of related agencies, there was a proposal to use soil from the dredging of the Marine Department for land reclamation in order to restore and develop mangrove forest.  In this connection, the BMA Drainage and Sewerage Department will coordinate in finding methods and solutions to yield effective results as well as to allocate budget for future implementation. All these aim at restoring and maintaining mangrove forests with the balance of ecosystem and sustainable natural sources of food.

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