BMA’s affiliated schools prepare to choose teaching plan both regular and switching days class to suit schools sizes and the number of students

On 8th June 2020, Pol.Capt. Pongsakorn Kwanmuang, BMA Spokesman, revealed after the meeting of the BMA’s executive that the BMA has prepared for teaching and learning approach for the BMA’s affiliated schools amid the situation of the spread of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in the new semester which will start on 1st July 2020.

The BMA’s affiliated schools can be divided into 3 sizes: 1) small schools with no more than 400 students, 2) medium schools with 401-800 students, and 3) large schools with 801-1,500 students. The BMA’s Education Department had prepared 2 teaching and learning approaches. First, for the small-sized schools, classes will be organized regularly with students come to school every day. The students will attend classes scheduled during normal school hours. Each class will have approximately 20 students. The social distancing must always be kept while having classes, break times and meal times.

Second, for the medium-sized and large-sized schools, integrated approaches will be applied which can be divided into 2 types.  Firstly, switching of all study days will be applied to medium-sized schools. For example, students at preschool level (kindergarten), lower elementary level and lower secondary level will have their classes on Tuesday and Thursday, while the upper elementary level and upper secondary level will have their class on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. For the day that students do not attend classes at school, they will study online or via on-air classes broadcasted on television instead. Teachers will supervise their study by providing the learning arrangements and assigning exercises, homework, worksheets or activities to do at home. The period of study via these approaches will be counted as the normal study period. Secondly, combination of having classes at school in normal hours and switching of study days will be applied to large-sized schools. For example, students at preschool level and lower elementary level will have their classes normally scheduled, while students at upper elementary level and secondary level will have classes on alternate days.  In this regard, schools shall consider teaching and learning arrangement as deemed appropriate. The Education Department will inspect the preparedness and readiness of all schools that will apply integrated approaches again from 1st to 20th June 2020.

Moreover, the meeting resolved to assign the Education Department to cooperate with renowned schools that have high standard in teaching and learning management, such as international schools and top-tier public schools, to work together in producing quality learning and instructional media for students of the BMA’s affiliated schools in order that they can have an effective online study. The BMA also rapidly notifies teachers and parents to acknowledge the BMA’s approaches before the school semester begins.

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