BMA schools resume full-scale on-site study

(August 14, 2020) Mr. Kriangyos Sudlabha, Deputy Governor of Bangkok, has an inspection visit at BMA affiliated schools in Lak Si District after schools resumed their full-scale on-site teaching and learning services.

During the outbreak situation of Coronavirus Diseases 2019 (COVID-19), all 437 BMA affiliated schools have provided 2 teaching and learning methods, namely, 315 schools have arranged normal classes at schools and 122 schools have introduced alternate-day arrangement coupled with online classes. From August 13, 2020 onward, BMA schools have resumed their normal teaching and learning activities under measures that prevent a second wave of COVID-19. Preventive and control measures include setting up of screening point at school’s entrance, installing hand-washing stations with soap or alcohol-based hand sanitizers at various spots within schools, maintaining physical distancing between each individuals, and cleaning of equipment and hi-touch surfaces as well as encouraging students and school personnel to always wear cloth face coverings or masks.

As assigned by Pol.Gen. Aswin Kwanmuang, Governor of Bangkok, to have site visit and inspect preparedness and performance of BMA affiliated schools, the team found that all schools have effusively complied with preventive measures prescribed by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration. However, all school administrators are strongly advised to properly manage breakfasts and lunches for students with a balance and wide variety of highly nutritional foods. Food for overweight and obese students must be well taken care of. Underweight students should be provided with more food to eat at home which will also help alleviate financial burdens of their parents. All students are encouraged to strictly comply with social distancing measures and record their activities each day for the benefit of disease investigation in case the outbreak situation reoccurred.

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