BMA prepares for new tourism model “One Day Pass”: once bought, enables to travel for a whole day

(August 25, 2020) Mr. Pijaya Nagavajra, Deputy Permanent Secretary for the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) chaired the meeting in preparation for the implementation of waterway tourism project/activity along the historical canals located on Thon Buri side of Bangkok based on the BMA policy to promote waterway tourism to boost tourism business after the spread of COVID-19.

On August 14, 2020, a survey was conducted to explore tourist attractions route along the historical canal route in Thon Buri area covering 5 districts, namely, Bangkok Noi District, Bangkok Yai District, Taling Chan District, Phasi Charoen District, and Thon Buri District. Total distance is 15 kilometers. The meeting today resolved to specify boat route using One Day Pass which is a ticket that, once bought, enables tourists to travel for a whole day and to get in and off the boat at every pier along the route.

Initially, the specified route starts from Siriraj Pier in Bangkok Noi District and the final destination is Wat Kanlayanamit Pier in Thon Buri District. The tourists can choose the route and starting point from both piers, both one-way and round trip. Department of Culture, Sports, and Tourism was assigned to coordinate with 5 district offices and network partners to make the most complete guidebook, recommending tourist attractions and sightseeing, to be a choice for tourists and to organize comprehensive Big Cleaning Activity for canals within this September.

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