BMA marks social distancing points covering over 12,000 meters of Chatuchak Market area  

On 13th May 2020, Mrs. Wullaya Wattanarat, Deputy Permanent Secretary for BMA, said that the BMA has marked standing points for keeping social distancing in front of market stalls and within Chatuchak Weekend Market area. This also included signs prohibiting the placing of items and lines separating each stall for safety and reduction of density in front of market stalls during their service period. The marked areas comprising 4 sections namely 1) main roads (around the weekend market area) covering 1,300 meters, 2) minor alleys covering 2,520 meters, 3) sub alleys covering 7,910 meters, 4) trade areas at the clock tower covering 308 meters.  129 out of 259 vendors are allowed to trade, while 130 vendors were prohibited in order to keep social distancing between stalls.

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