BMA launches the first new Smart Bus Shelter at Central Plaza Grand Rama 9

(July 30, 2020) Pol.Gen. Aswin Kwanmuang, Governor of Bangkok, had a field visit to inspect the installation of the Smart Bus Shelter, piloted as the first place for the Bangkok residents to use, at Rama IX Intersection on Central Plaza Grand Rama 9 shopping center side. Improvement of bus shelters is planned, in the initial stage, to install 350 Smart Bus Shelters within 2021. This aims to make Bangkok a livable and modern city and its residents can efficiently manage their travel time.

The all new Smart Bus Shelter operated by the BMA has 2 versions: 100 “Full Function” shelters and 250 “Light Function” shelters. The full function version is equipped with system that present information on the bus lines and its arriving time on 32-inch LFD screen together with CCTV cameras for security and lighting system. Public announcements and information by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration will be displayed on 55-inch screen.  Moreover, the shelter comes with free Wi-Fi and phone chargers which is in agreement with the concept of developing Bangkok as a Smart City. The light function version of the smart shelter will not have 55-inch screen and Wi-Fi Router.

Moreover, the related agencies have also worked together in developing the system to show arriving time of the fixed-route buses on mobile phones using ViaBus application. The ViaBus provides service and information on finding bus stops, bus lines, and bus routes; how to get to each destination; and the nearest bus stops.  It also shows the location and time that the bus will arrive at each and every bus stop both in the form of message and map, as well as traffic news and information on travelling.  At present, it can only provide information on location and time of the arriving BMTA buses that have GPS system installed.  It is now in the process of developing more comprehensive information.

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