BMA intensifies measures on mass transit systems due to novel coronavirus

Pol.Lt.Gen. Sopon Pisuttiwong, Deputy Governor of Bangkok, said the BMA has intensified measures on sanitation of mass transit system. Hand Sanitizers are provided at the BTS skytrain check-in counters, and all BTS staff on duties are ordered to wear face masks at all times. Anti-virus cleaning procedures are added to all areas with disinfection spray. Trains and cabins are disinfected at the depot two times daily, before and after its operation.

Commuters are urged to top up their smart pass card through Line Pay application. Social distancing at least 1.5 meters is applied on rows to ticket machines and counters. Commuters are supposed to wear face masks during commuting times. Thermal fever screening with the Thermoscan are applied at every BTS station, commuters will be denied from using the service if their temperature gets higher than 37.5 °C.

The other mass transits such as the Pun Pun Bike Sharing Scheme also got daily disinfected with sprayed covering the whole bikes. The water transits, i.e. public boats have got their piers disinfected every day before time of operation, The boats are also fully cleaned for three sessions per day.

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