BMA inspects readiness of BMA’s schools to prepare for new semester this 1st July 2020

On 23rd June 2020, Mr. Kriangyos Sudlabha, Deputy Governor of Bangkok, inspected the BMA’s affiliated schools to prepare them with the preventive measures against the spread of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) before the new semester starts.

The BMA has prepared COVID-19 preventive measures in the preparation stage before schools start by dividing them into 3 aspects: 1) Personnel aspect by providing the screening test for students, teachers, educational staff and related people in the schools, 2) Equipment aspect by providing surgical face masks, alcohol gel or alcohol-based hand sanitizers for students, teachers and all related staff and checking the equipment used for the schools preventive measures, such as face shields, COVID-19 protection screens and testing kits, and 3) Environment aspect by practicing physical distancing, such as limiting the amount of students in the classrooms to be only 20 students per class and staggering schedules.

In case that the class cannot be arranged normally, teachers, parents and communities must have an agreement on the selection of best possible teaching and learning methods that would be appropriately suited their schools.

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