BMA continues to dismantle and remove abandoned houses along Prem Prachakorn Canal, preparing for the next phase of dam construction

(August 28, 2020) Mr. Sakoltee Phattiyakul, Deputy Governor of Bangkok, revealed that Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) planned to organize volunteer spirit activities for canal development in the areas of 50 districts to improve the quality of canal and enhance quality of life of people living along the canals.

In North Bangkok District Zone, the Prem Prachakorn Canal flows through the areas of Bang Sue District, Chatuchak District, Lak Si District, and Donmueang District. Activities to be held every week include garbage collection, installation of round bamboo raft, and public relations activities requesting for cooperation from people living along the canal to refrain from littering the canals, as well as the dismantling and removing of abandoned buildings or houses.

Donmueang District has 21 abandoned houses which is the highest number in the North Bangkok District Zone. 8 abandoned houses have been dismantled and removed. The other 13 houses will be gradually dismantled and removed, one house per one week on every Friday. It will take about 3 months to complete the operation.

At any rate, there is a restriction that the district office must get consent from the owner of the house and building for dismantlement and removal, and sometime it is difficult to investigate and track the owner. However, the district office has unremittingly accelerated the implementation in order to prepare for and support the next phase of the Prem Prachakorn Canal Dam Construction. As for other areas of all 50 districts, if the district offices find any buildings encroaching the canals, the dismantling and removing of buildings will be done in the same manner in each and every district.

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