Assign all departments produce cloth mask to distribute staff.

On 11 Mar 2020 Mrs. Silpasuay Raweesangsul Permanent Secretary of Bangkok, revealed that to prevent the spread of the virus Covid-19 for the staff of BMA. Therefore assigning all departments of Bangkok produce cloth mask to distribute to all staff. Especially those who have to perform public service duties on a daily basis and do not have illnesses such as registration officer, garbage collection officer, cleaning staff both in the District Office and the Drainage Office and emphasized with staff to keep their hands clean with soap and water or use alcohol gel. Including the District Office accelerate the campaign to promote the general public who do not have a respiratory illness. If entering a crowded community, use a cloth mask and to provide knowledge and understanding to people in using masks that are suitable for the situation to reduce the shortage of masks.
Permanent Secretary for Bangkok said further that mask is useful for people who are already sick to reduce the spread of the disease not only the Covid-19 many diseases must also be prevented in this way. Including medical personnel and public health that requires patient care. For general people, cloth masks can be used instead. Because you can easily do it yourself can be cleaned with regular washing and can be reused many times. If the public is interested in making a self-adhesive cloth mask or given to family members. Can inquire about teaching mask cloth making at District office and every Bangkok Training Vocational School.

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